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Hastings, uk
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Last winter Exmoor ponies grazed on farmland along the cliff tops to try and help create wild-flower meadows. they were real characters & I miss them. My Town My Photos Looking west towards the town from Hastings Country Park: Looking East (back the way the last photo was taken): The fishing stade:
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My partner and I have been together now for 28 years, we never got round to getting married and doubt if we ever will! We decided we didn't want children. Working full time and being the proud "Mum" of 4 large dogs I don't get a lot of free time! When I do get some time to myself I usually spend it in my garden or on my laptop. I'm having an energy crisis at the moment due to an underactive thyroid. Polymyalgia Rheumatica and the hormonal changes of the menopause. I'm told this will pass, but at the moment I am purely maintaining my garden rather than getting completely involved in it as I used to! I'm taking the easy options like buying plug-plants rather than grow my own flowers from seed. I still grow tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and chillies from seed though. The things I would like to do or do more of if I had more time are: Reading - I have loved Science Fantasy since first reading Lord of the Rings at age 12. Pure escapism! I don't have any particularly favourite authors, just whoever's book I'm reading at the time, but they include Steven Erikson, George R R Martin, Raymond E Feist, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Anne Macaffrey, Katherine Kerr …….. I could go on and on! I also love thrillers and anything else that is a good read. I've recently read "Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse and Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" & "Angels & Demons". Swimming: I swim twice a week in the local pool to keep fit, but love it best when the weather is warm enough to go swimming in the sea. Knitting & Crochet - have a lovely cushion cover, which has been almost finished for about 3 years! I keep thinking "I must finish that - I need a new cushion cover!" Doing Jigsaws Photography: I'd love to have time to play around more with our digital camera Horse-riding: I haven't ridden since I was a teenager - I must take it up again - I adore horses! This is me taken in 1998.... On holiday in Key West 2005 (just after Katrina visited) .. Ishmael and I - summer 2007..
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Spring Has Arrived!!! Other local scenes...   Me and my dog .... More Photos
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Lily: L'Ola:
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Dezi (December 1995 - 8 May 2009) He looked like an angel and behaved like a devil, but he was "Mumsie's Little Pupsie Wups" and there's a big hole left in my life that no-one else could fill. Gimli (7 September 1994 - 26 August 2008) I've had many dogs over the years, but occasionally there comes along a dog that steals just a little bit more of your heart than the others. Gimli was such a dog - he was very, very special! My only consolation is that they're now together at the Rainbow Bridge having been best mates throughout most of their life, although they were like chalk and cheese.

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Some Friends Who Make Me Smile!




Its a Dogs Life

Blue is a retired greyhound and Ishmael the Scottish Deerhound was an indulgence - an opportunity too good to miss!







I'm leaving this picture of Dez here because I like it and I miss him:

My Family

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Such an Angel!



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